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How to Drive Foot Traffic For a Legacy Footwear Brand
Lessons learned from tying digital media strategies to in-store conversions.
By Nicole Marchion

June 28, 2018

2 min read
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  1. Cultivate awareness for a new product line.
  2. Drive consumers to retail locations.


Campaign Strategy

The majority of Americans know this footwear brand and the quality attached to its hard-earned name.

To introduce a new product line to a historic legacy, the campaign needed to combine traditional brand values with a fresh, new look.

The solution was a brand-centered campaign. From our experience, a well executed brand campaign can lift engagement and sales by more than 40%.*

Location Attribution

We partnered with Cuebiq to track store visits. Cuebiq measures store visits on an actual 1:1 basis.

A measured visit occurs if someone receives an impression and visits a store. To capture a measured visit, the consumer has to have location services enabled.


  • Use location attribution (with Cuebiq) to measure store visits among engaged audiences.
  • Establish a flexible media strategy tailored to the size of each market and audience attributes.
  • Incorporate historical sales and consumer data to support lookalike audiences.
  • Promote pop-up locations to increase sales and brand affinity.
  • Focus on audiences with an established interest in the brand or similar footwear brand to generate early adoption of the new product line.
  • Align inventory and targeting strategies with current events among the core audience.



87% of all in-store visits originated from a display ad

$9 per in-store visit



  • When focusing on location attribution, you need to run a campaign for a minimum of 90 days to see an accurate CPA.
  • Note that setting up a campaign with Cuebiq takes more time than a traditional campaign setup.
  • Optimizing towards foot traffic instead of standard metrics allowed us to clearly attribute media spend to sales goals.


Download LumenAd’s Footwear Case Study (PDF)


*As compared to similar markets with no awareness strategy.

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