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How to Convert Impressions to Cherished Memories
Tactics used to increase reservations at KOA locations across the country.
By Will Lapointe

June 27, 2018

1 min read
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  1. Achieve a cost per reservation of less than $10.
  2. Promote and increase the adoption of the KOA mobile app.


Campaign Strategy

KOA enjoys huge brand awareness, especially among this campaign’s target audiences. Our task was to convert that awareness to reservations.

We worked closely with KOA to tailor each ad to the user’s location — testing numerous scenarios against each other to see what worked best and why. In industry jargon, we used dynamic creative with intense and frequent location-based A/B testing.

It required a well-oiled process of communication, optimization and deployment. The result: measurable growth in reservations (and the consumption of campfire s’mores).

Audience Profiles

Primary: Retirees
Secondary: Mothers with children in household

Creative Sample

KOA Creative Sample


  • Utilize 1st party data from previous visitors to curate a lookalike audience for each region.
  • Use campground-specific creative to establish clear expectations of a visitor’s stay.
  • Run experience-oriented social creative.
  • Curate a whitelist with industry gear guides and travel apps.
  • Execute detailed contextual targeting within camping and RV content.
  • Structure PMP deals prior to major holidays to boost reservations.



27% increase in mobile app downloads

$9 cost per reservation

8% growth in reservations year-over-year



  • Effective A/B testing requires close collaboration with the creative team. We found the most success with action-oriented messaging that highlighted unique experiences.
  • Dynamic retargeting based on shopping cart abandonment is incredibly effective for driving conversions.
  • Increasing display CPMs ensures the use of quality inventory and decreases the cost per reservation.
  • It’s important to keep messaging action-oriented while highlighting unique experiences.


Download LumenAd’s KOA Case Study (PDF)

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