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How to Fire Up a Fanbase
Staying under budget for the blockbuster Manchester United Unmissable Tour 2017.
By Eric Thompson

June 28, 2018

1 min read
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Keep the cost per ticket sold under $20.


Campaign Strategy

An international brand like Manchester United has no trouble selling tickets to their events. Their priority is to do so in a cost-effective way.

For the Manchester United Unmissable Tour 2017, we devised a high-touch campaign that included a curated whitelist, strict geofencing, 1st party data and much more. The end result was a CPA well below the stated goal.

Audience Profiles

Primary: Former athletes and soccer enthusiasts
Secondary: Hispanic parents of children who play soccer

Creative Sample

Manchester United Unmissable Tour 2017 Creative Sample


  • Utilize 1st party data to target previous ticket buyers.
  • Build lookalike audiences from the existing U.S. fan base.
  • Analyze audience profiles to reach fans in-market for Tour tickets.
  • Detail contextual targeting within premium soccer content.
  • Organize a high-frequency market approach with a 120-mile radius from each venue.
  • Grow a performance whitelist based on inventory yielding the most ticket sales.
  • Retarget off of shopping cart abandonment to stay top-of-mind with fans.



$17.47 cost per ticket sold



  • Communication is king. The LumenAd delivery team collaborated with the client daily on real-time market adjustments via phone and Slack.
  • Dynamicly retargeting creative for previously engaged audiences was the most effective strategy.
  • It is always essential to have Paid Search copy on brand. It provides a measurable improvement.


Download LumenAd’s Manchester United Case Study

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