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How to Foster Trust Using Digital Media
Connecting nurses with their community using call-tracking technology.
By Jenny Mueller

August 9, 2018

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Promote a Nurse On Call campaign to establish trust between nurses and community members.


Campaign Strategy

When an emergency happens, you need to know you’re going somewhere you trust.

To establish this trust, a hospital developed a Nurse On Call program where community members could call in with medical questions. We stepped up to get the word out with a campaign strategy largely based on call tracking technology.

The result was millions in additional billings year-over-year. And, most importantly, peace of mind for a community.

Audience Profiles

  • New parents, expecting and/or have young children
  • Moms with children
  • Empty nesters


  • Integrate mobile click-to-call placements and direct traffic straight to the Nurse On Call hotline.
  • Focus on medical whitelists to reach people seeking quick advice and immediate help with unfamiliar symptoms (i.e.
  • Utilize informative video placements to establish familiarity with the Nurse On Call hotline.
  • Tailor creative to specific services and specialties to identify effective tactics and scale future efforts.
  • Reduce waste by only targeting individuals within an accessible distance of each medical facility.



By organizing and tracking calls as they came in, we helped the the hospital network connect first-time callers with future patients. Year-over-year Nurse On Call efforts translated to millions in additional billings.

15% increase in call volume month-over-month

88% of all callers felt nursing staff were more helpful than online resources



  • When developing campaigns based on call tracking, it’s important to make the reason for calling very specific within the creative. In this case, ads based on specific medical questions saw much higher engagement.
  • To increase call volume, you need to optimize across respective audience profiles because families and individuals have different needs at different stages of life.
  • By monitoring the success of each audience profile separately, you can clearly articulate different attributes and reach your most engaged customers in future campaigns.


Download LumenAd’s Nurse On Call Case Study

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