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How to Reach Cord-Cutters
Using Connected TV to drive sales in well-established markets.
By Anthony Boyer

August 2, 2018

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Increase sales for a quick-service restaurant (QSR) in well-established markets using Connected TV strategies.


Campaign Strategy

Our agency partner came to us with the task of improving sales for their QSR client. While the QSR had a strong social, display, and linear TV presence, sales growth had been minimal over the past year.

Our solution was to run a growth-focused Advanced TV presence for the remainder of the year. Our recommendation included moving 45% of the Linear TV budget to Connected TV and long-form FEP (Full-Episode Programming) video placements.


In the Q317 Pew Research survey, nearly 50% of adults 18-49 reported an online streaming service as their primary source to consume television.

According to a July 2017 Statista poll, almost 90% of adults simultaneously use a cell phone during Linear TV consumption (a phenomenon known as second screen viewing). Therefore, mobile video would supplement Linear TV efforts and ensure the campaign is reaching everyone in the household on their desired content.

Audience Profiles

  • Adults 18-29, heavy Advanced TV users
    61% use online streaming as their primary TV consumption
  • Adults 30-49, moderate Advanced TV users
    37% use online streaming as their primary TV consumption

Audience Data

We analyzed weekly reach and time spent on multimedia devices using Nielsen’s Comparable Metrics Report. It’s important to evaluate multimedia devices because Connected TV and FEP content can be served across smartphones, tablets, desktops and smart TVs.

Multimedia Device Habits for Adults 18-49

Advanced TV
Weekly reach is 56%
Used on average 4 days per week
Averaged 6.5 hours per week

Weekly reach is 93%
Used on average 5.7 days per week
Averaged 20 hours per week using apps or web

Weekly reach is 48%
Used on average 4.5 days per week
Averaged 5 hours per week using apps or web



6% increase in sales within the first 14 days of the media schedule

Over 9% increase in sales by month’s end

The campaign was so successful that our agency partner implemented similar strategies to multiple other clients’ campaigns.



  • To reach cord-cutters, develop an Advanced TV plan that pairs well with a Linear TV buys running during the same broadcast time frame.
  • Layer in audience and demographic targeting to hone in on the identified audience. In this case, we allocated 10% of the spend towards those who identify as a “Pizza Enthusiast” or as “Frequent QSR purchasers.”


Download LumenAd’s QSR Case Study (PDF)

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