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How to Get Qualified Job Candidates
We got granular to attract experienced truckers in droves.
By Anthony Krolczyk

August 1, 2018

1 min read
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Attract new job candidates for a regional trucking operation.


Campaign Strategy

Using a bit of Psych 101, we targeted a very specific audience interested in their next career move as a trucker.

We closely monitored the campaign’s development to keep it laser-focused on qualified candidates. The end result was a ton of happy truckers with great new jobs.

Audience Profile

  • CDL Holders
  • Owner-Operators
  • Interests: Hunting & Fishing
  • Subscriptions: Sirius XM Radio, Spotify and Pandora


  • Use mobile-first targeting along major truck routes and carefully chosen rest stops.
  • Refine the recruitment pool with lookalike modeling based on ideal employee profile.
  • Target other trucking companies and employees based on known industry layoffs.
  • Whitelist gas pricing and weather apps from known behavior profile.
  • Execute detailed contextual targeting within trucking content.
  • Frequently monitor and optimize inventory based on sites’ yield of applicants.



100% increase in average daily recruitment portal visits

$47.11 cost per qualified job application

22% increase in organic search visits



  • Weekly collaboration with the client is essential for refining market and audience attributes.
  • Robust paid search strategy with concise ad copy generates a ton of traffic.


Download LumenAd’s Trucking Case Study (PDF)

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