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The features and thoughts behind our technology.
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LumenAd’s Next Chapter

We’re launching LumenAd as a standalone platform on January 7, 2019.

A New LumenAd On January 7, 2019 we will release LumenAd as a standalone platform available for license. This means two big things: LumenAd will have a redesigned user interface, beefed up capabilities and new features. Media teams will have the option to use LumenAd on a self-serve basis. Our partners will have a more […]

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LumenAd’s Video Capabilities

In-stream, out-stream, social and more.

LumenAd’s Video Capabilities Here’s a rundown of LumenAd’s video capabilities along with some thoughts on strategy for each. Not included is Connected TV, which requires a post all its own. Overall, video ads are generally better for awareness than engagement (with a few exceptions). If you have any questions or would like to know campaign […]

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How LumenAd Makes You Faster

We broke down how, exactly, LumenAd makes our partners more efficient.

How LumenAd Makes You Faster OK — thought experiment: what would you do if you could fit your whole 8-hour work day in 2 hours? This, generally, is the amount of time LumenAd saves our partners. And it kind of surprised us when we found out—all the time-saving features we developed seemed obvious to us. […]

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How LumenAd Is Structured

And how it provides capacity.

What LumenAd Is LumenAd is a media management platform that serves as the first, central end-to-end solution built specifically for the entire media execution process. We developed it to accomplish our mission: to make managing media not suck. The result is a platform (backed by service) that provides everything agencies need to run media in-house. […]

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On Being Logically Creative

Understanding the creative mind working within logical confines.

Adapted from Damon’s Lightning Talk at Big Sky Dev Con. I find that stereotypes of any kind can lock us into a false narrative of expectations and identities. They can cause the loss of opportunities and forward momentum in both life and business. Software engineers are no exception. We tend to think of the perfect […]

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Design Thinking for the Traditional Software Engineer

Recognizing when to ignore and when to pay attention. A lesson on human conditioning.

We all want to solve problems we can’t see. I’ve got a starting point worked out. It’s inspired by a cute little dog named Charlie.   Recently I decided to sell my house and downsize significantly. I was so done mowing an endless lawn and fixing things every other day. It’s expensive for one, and […]

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