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How LumenAd Is Structured
And how it provides capacity.
By Eric Thompson

September 20, 2018

2 min read
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What LumenAd Is

LumenAd is a media management platform that serves as the first, central end-to-end solution built specifically for the entire media execution process.

We developed it to accomplish our mission: to make managing media not suck. The result is a platform (backed by service) that provides everything agencies need to run media in-house.

To accomplish this, we designed LumenAd to guide you through the process of campaign execution step by step. It makes everything run faster, smoother and with transparency.



LumenAd provides everything you need to get your campaigns started on the right foot.

LumenAd Setup Screenshot

Setup allows you to:

  • Build and manage insertion orders.
  • Set up advertisers.
  • Structure campaigns.
  • Customize the client’s experience.

You’ll also gain a high-level view of your agencies’ advertisers, the people assigned to work on their campaigns, the insertion order flight dates and total budget.



Get a holistic and honest overview of all campaign efforts with LumenAd’s robust data integration capabilities.

LumenAd Monitor Screenshot

Monitor allows you to:

  • Gain insights from real-time data. LumenAd ingests data from the following channels:
    Display, Native, Paid Search, Paid Social, Video, Audio, Advanced TV
  • Set up daily data syncs. LumenAd also has the ability to sync additional data sources into the platform through daily automated email reports.
  • Upload data. Manually upload all other data – including traditional media sources, POS systems and just about anything else.



Easily produce custom, branded reports for your clients that tell the whole story of ad performance across channels.

Reporting allows you to:

  • Use interactive graphs, charts and advanced data tables.
  • Upload offline data to deliver a holistic snapshot of all media in one cohesive report.
  • Show the results of A/B creative testing.
  • Unfold the campaign narrative with text boxes and image fields.


Workflow Management

Manage the entire workflow of the media process from one central hub.

LumenAd allows you to:

  • Create client users and manage their access.
  • Run high-level workspace reports to gain insights into day-to-day business operations.


So, What Does All This Provide?


This step-by-step process is specifically designed to provide agencies with capacity (we’ve written before about the importance of capacity in modern advertising).

LumenAd allows you do as much as you do now in around a quarter of the time. This is proven by actual feedback:

LumenAd Capacity Graphic - Time Saved

*These numbers are based on feedback.

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