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How LumenAd Makes You Faster
We broke down how, exactly, LumenAd makes our partners more efficient.
By Eric Thompson

October 17, 2018

4 min read
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How LumenAd Makes You Faster

OK — thought experiment: what would you do if you could fit your whole 8-hour work day in 2 hours?

This, generally, is the amount of time LumenAd saves our partners.

And it kind of surprised us when we found out—all the time-saving features we developed seemed obvious to us. But no one else put the effort into making them a reality.

So, we took a step back to see how much time LumenAd saves our partners and why.


Time Without LumenAd - Fifteen Hours

Here are some estimations one agency gave us for their most time-consuming tasks.

For one campaign, it takes them:

  • 6 hours to pull reports and normalize data.
  • 6 hours to analyze and optimize that data.
  • 3 hours to build and deliver reports.

OK, 15 hours total. For one campaign. And they have a lot of campaigns.


Time Saved With LumenAd Graphic - Only 4 Hours

Here is what we worked out as the average time spent on the same tasks with LumenAd.

So that’s:

  • No time to pull reports and normalize data because it’s all automated.
  • 3 hours to analyze and optimize.
  • 1 hour to build and deliver reports (mostly just deciding how it will look and what it will say).

Four hours for every fifteen. All the same things done in about a quarter of the time.

This is a game changer. So we looked into what, exactly, allows us to move so much faster.



LumenAd automates low value-add tasks. This includes everything that goes into pulling and normalizing data.

Reporting is also automated. The hour we budget for building and delivering reports is where we decide how we want the report to look and how we want to convey the campaign’s story.

One trick up our sleeve is automated creative trafficking. It’s in a very early test stage, so it won’t be fully implemented for a while. But even in these early stages, it’s a huge time saver.

When it and other exciting features are fully up and running, expect LumenAd to make this whole process even faster.


All (yes, all) of your campaign data is normalized in the platform. Then it’s all plugged into intuitive graphs that bring the most insightful campaign metrics forward.

So in a glance, you can see all your media efforts, across all channels within context. All the heavy lifting is done, so all you need to determine where the opportunities are.

The LumenAd Method

All this is based on a proven framework — something we call the LumenAd Method.

Running complex, cross channel campaigns efficiently and effectively is a real pain. So, we started compiling best practices for everything from planning campaign architecture to scheduling optimization to constructing and delivering reports.

We honed our Method over the past four years to become our “secret weapon” of sorts. It’s what has allowed us to not only move fast, but perform at the highest level (sometimes beating competitors more than five times our size).

It’s not a secret for our partners, though. We share our knowledge and help them integrate our Method into their process.


So yeah, LumenAd and our partners move fast. But this isn’t speed for speed’s sake. The time we save is put towards deep, constructive thinking on what actually makes a campaign successful.

One example is optimizations. While you don’t necessarily need to optimize daily for every campaign, you can with LumenAd.

The agency who gave their estimations above said that at their most efficient, they can optimize once a week. So, the time LumenAd saves gives you the opportunity to align your optimizations to your campaign.

Also, thinking outside the box — more importantly, the having the time to think outside the box — is vitally important to running campaigns that make a difference.

We’re talking about unique targeting strategies based performance, ongoing creative A/B testing, or applying insights from Facebook results to Paid Search strategies. Anything that gives your campaign an edge.

Because, ultimately, we’re all trying to run campaigns that make a difference. And time is an essential part of that.

Let us help your campaigns make a difference.

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