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LumenAd’s Next Chapter
We’re launching LumenAd as a standalone platform on January 7, 2019.
By Eric Thompson

December 12, 2018

3 min read
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A New LumenAd

On January 7, 2019 we will release LumenAd as a standalone platform available for license.

This means two big things:

  1. LumenAd will have a redesigned user interface, beefed up capabilities and new features.
  2. Media teams will have the option to use LumenAd on a self-serve basis.

Our partners will have a more powerful tool at their disposal with more ways to use it than before.

New LumenAd Screenshot 1


So, What Does LumenAd Do?

LumenAd is a media management platform that centralizes all media efforts. It helps media teams navigate that massive and messy gap between brands and their audience.

Specifically, media teams can:

  1. Plan and construct campaign architecture.
  2. Integrate all data sources, upload offline data and create custom metrics.
  3. Monitor campaign performance in real time.
  4. Craft comprehensive custom reports.

New LumenAd Screenshot 2

All this is great, but the true magic is in the framework these features provide your advertising data. In short, your data is cleaner and more actionable. But you have to experience it to understand just how revolutionary it is.

When fully implemented, LumenAd helps media teams achieve:

  • Scale
    LumenAd is built on the premise of scalability. Every facet of its design and information architecture is meticulously planned and tested to help organizations make the most of their media spend.
  • Efficiency
    The time-saving capabilities of LumenAd alone are a game-changer. Media teams can do as much as they do now in about a quarter of the time.
  • Capacity
    With this level of efficiency, media teams gain the capacity to perform at a higher level. They’ll finally have the opportunity to think deeply and creatively about strategy and then make it all come to life exactly how they envisioned.
  • Clarity
    Transparency is engineered directly into LumenAd. Because anything can be integrated, normalized and organized, it provides both a high-level and a granular view of everything from cross-channel performance to how your tech stack works together.


Three Ways to Use LumenAd

Fully Managed

Our internal team manages every aspect of your campaign with your direction. You’ll get access to LumenAd to monitor performance and pull insights in real time.


You manage the channels you want through LumenAd while we fill in the gaps (i.e. you manage social and search while we tackle display and video). We’ll work as one team and use insights across the digital ecosystem to ensure all channels work in tandem.


Manage all your media in-house with LumenAd. We’ll provide robust onboarding and make sure you have everything you need to succeed.


What’s New?

A Few of Our Favorite New Features

  • Enhanced visualizations and pacing bars
  • A personalized, customizable profile
  • Build and export custom reports
  • Creative-level data
  • Custom metrics that allow you to calculate any metric from any data source
  • Upload offline data, including traditional media sources
  • Categorize conversion pixels
  • Pacing and budget management tools
  • Status alerts, to quickly triage issues that arise
  • In-app help
  • Branded workspaces

New LumenAd Screenshot 1


What’s Next

This launch is just the beginning. We’ve already got some revolutionary new features in the pipeline for release in 2019, like the creative trafficking tool.

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