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How to Foster Trust Using Digital Media

Connecting nurses with their community using call-tracking technology.

Objective Promote a Nurse On Call campaign to establish trust between nurses and community members.   Campaign Strategy When an emergency happens, you need to know you’re going somewhere you trust. To establish this trust, a hospital developed a Nurse On Call program where community members could call in with medical questions. We stepped up to get […]

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How to Reach Cord-Cutters

Using Connected TV to drive sales in well-established markets.

Objective Increase sales for a quick-service restaurant (QSR) in well-established markets using Connected TV strategies.   Campaign Strategy Our agency partner came to us with the task of improving sales for their QSR client. While the QSR had a strong social, display, and linear TV presence, sales growth had been minimal over the past year. […]

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How to Get Qualified Job Candidates

We got granular to attract experienced truckers in droves.

Objective Attract new job candidates for a regional trucking operation.   Campaign Strategy Using a bit of Psych 101, we targeted a very specific audience interested in their next career move as a trucker. We closely monitored the campaign’s development to keep it laser-focused on qualified candidates. The end result was a ton of happy […]

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How to Fire Up a Fanbase

Staying under budget for the blockbuster Manchester United Unmissable Tour 2017.

Objective Keep the cost per ticket sold under $20.   Campaign Strategy An international brand like Manchester United has no trouble selling tickets to their events. Their priority is to do so in a cost-effective way. For the Manchester United Unmissable Tour 2017, we devised a high-touch campaign that included a curated whitelist, strict geofencing, […]

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How to Drive Foot Traffic For a Legacy Footwear Brand

Lessons learned from tying digital media strategies to in-store conversions.

Objectives Cultivate awareness for a new product line. Drive consumers to retail locations.   Campaign Strategy The majority of Americans know this footwear brand and the quality attached to its hard-earned name. To introduce a new product line to a historic legacy, the campaign needed to combine traditional brand values with a fresh, new look. […]

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How to Convert Impressions to Cherished Memories

Tactics used to increase reservations at KOA locations across the country.

Objectives Achieve a cost per reservation of less than $10. Promote and increase the adoption of the KOA mobile app.   Campaign Strategy KOA enjoys huge brand awareness, especially among this campaign’s target audiences. Our task was to convert that awareness to reservations. We worked closely with KOA to tailor each ad to the user’s […]

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