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Welcome to LumenAd’s Impressions
So, what’s this all about?
By Eric Thompson

June 26, 2018

1 min read
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Welcome to LumenAd’s completely revamped blog: Impressions!

LumenAd is rolling Impressions out alongside our freshly redesigned website:

We’re growing fast and so are our thoughts. So, we made a little home for them on the web.

Kick your feet up, grab a cup of coffee and get ready for deep convos on digital advertising, the nature of internet monetization and a bunch of acronyms.

A few good articles to start with:

5 Existential Questions GDPR Raises — A deep dive into a few of the issues GDPR forces the digital advertising industry to face. Definitely a good place for deep discussion.

AdTech Glossary — An ongoing compendium of AdTech terms and acronyms that we often get asked to define. Pretty straightforward but perfect for your bookmarks bar.

How to Drive Foot Traffic for a Legacy Footwear Brand — A peek under the hood of one our recent campaigns. It’s a primer on some of the capabilities of modern digital advertising.


The people putting this whole thing together:

Poke around and let us know what you think!

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